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Canterra Property Management strives to maximize your business’ success with a personal touch. Our multi-faceted network of insight comes from professional work in the property management industry, developed over decades of experience. Management of our properties entails a complete and thorough service to our clients, ensuring that inquiries regarding the industry and the corresponding services of Canterra Property Management can be elucidated with a single call.

Our company’s structure is simple: create every opportunity to assist our clients. This encompasses specialties including but not limited to leasing, utilities maintenance, landscaping, and response to unanticipated hindrances. In doing so, clients are able to remain with a single management team; this allows us at Canterra Property Management to properly acquaint ourselves, allowing us to personally tailor our services towards the needs of the client.

As an additional advantage, the Canterra Property Management team works closely with real estate development and construction companies for those in pursuit of building their business from the ground up. These components make us the most comprehensive management team for you.

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“The management team at Canterra has been outstanding! We have 11 landlords and property managers in 3 states. Kay and Canterra have been among the best we have ever worked with. When we had a stubborn issue with the bathroom last year, they couldn’t have handled it better and it took a number of tries to diagnose and fix this issue. Thanks, Canterra!”

“Canterra Property Management has been a great partner in helping me launch and operate a fitness studio. They are genuinely interested in helping me achieve business success as a tenant. They quickly address any issues I encounter and proactively seek ways to maintain and improve the shopping center.”

“They always work very professionally with a time sensitive manner. Also they always keep open communication for any small issues. Recently we had roofing maintenance issues but we resolved the problem right away with prompt arrangement and communication. We truly appreciate their attention and hard work. We all hope we continually keep a great relationship in the long term.”

“I have been a tenant of Canterra Property Management for over 16 years. The property management has been nothing short of amazing. They are easy to work with, friendly, compassionate and they treat tenants with respect. All our general maintenance issues and even emergency issues have always been resolved in a timely manner. They are prompt in returning phone calls or emails and are always polite and willing to meet my needs.”

“I am very extremely pleased with the quality of customer service you provided to me. Your willingness to help out with anything we’ve needed is very much appreciated. Once again, I greatly appreciate the assistance you have provided me.”

“We’ve been tenants of one of Canterra’s properties for about four years, and the level of service they provide is unmatched. Repairs are done quickly as needed. The landscaping is kept up very well. The property is always clean. And I love that they send out monthly statements/payment reminders.”

“Canterra Property Management is one of the rare property management companies that cares about their tenants and the property. A+!”

“We have several dental offices throughout DFW, and I could only dream that all of my landlords provided the same level of service that Kay with Canterra Property Management does.”